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That restless, hungry feeling you've been tuning into lately? The overwhelming, impatient yearning for more expansive, positive options in your life? And serious inability to deal with even one more fuqwit laying their drama trip on you/cramping your style etc?

Yep, that would be Jupiter coming home to his rulership of Sagittarius today -to wake our freedom-loving, adventurous, life-affirming moxy WAY the hell up! We're ready to bust a move on living large and embracing our wildest, most magnificent potential in the world and we don't care who knows it. OMG finally!!!

Because Jupiter in Scorpio for the last year has been all about intimacy issues: What we've needed to fill our cup emotionally, and who we can best trust to share this with/take a risk on big love or not? Also relevant for any financial/biz/creative risks we've been taking-and who we can trust to collaborate with re this? And Venus retro in Scorpio lately has been a big, somewhat harrowing reality check on the consequences of those choices, right? Fine, and thank goodness Venus direct in Scorpio thru December will help us to finesse all that and get our love/money lives back on track.

But meanwhile, Jupiter in Sag today is a beautiful chance to drop all that convoluted crap for the moment and just embrace our own autonomous, liberated, brilliant lust for life and simply shine-just for the splendid thrill of being alive...

Yes. It's time to have some fun, trust the universe and follow our bliss-just because we can -hallelujah! This feels like a powerful release point, to undo whatever pressure/obligations have been holding us down lately and thrive with renewed enthusiasm for whatever truly turns us on -so good. And we have a whole year ahead, of Jupiter in Sag to explore whatever adventures and new possibilities are calling our name right now... bless.

Happy Jupiter in Sagittarius folks x

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