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Full Moon in Aries firing up; exact Sept 25th, 12.52pm AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotions have been going on all month; to have a good look at how we really feel about things. And of course in Aries our emotional nature is impetuous, passionate, intense and easily provoked. Yep get ready -it's an edgy, excitable, hot blooded vibe this week folks!

But even more significant is having the healer, Chiron bang on top of this Moon, and in square to Saturn. Chiron touches on the deepest, most exquisitely vulnerable areas of our personal wounding and the genuine healing power and personal growth that comes with it. With Chiron we are so aware of where we are hurting and how to make it better.

But not by intellectualising or constructing stories about our personal drama (which is tempting, with thinkaholic/monkey mind Mercury involved). We have to honestly feel the feelings exactly as they are-sans avoidance- as much as possible; and only then can we align with our emotional centre and respond authentically from where we really are right now, as opposed to where we think we should be. Know what I mean?

Because Saturn's influence can potentially be to drop into depressive inertia about whatever emo crap is getting us down right now or try to micro-manage the tricky feelings we can't control; but thank goodness in this case Aries doesn't have the patience for it. Far better is to use our Saturn capacity to do the work & emotional discipline to face up to our situation courageously, the better to own it and power forward anyway. I mean Aries can't stand hanging about blathering on about our shizz- we'd rather get right into it, feel the burn and live like we mean it -so good!

This is such a fab Moon to phoenix through our issues with a full internal locus of power, choose to be brave and rise, like the firebirds we are to extraordinary new potential in our life. Happy Aries Full Moon, folks x

Image: Try as I might, am unable to find original source for this gorgeous pic.

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