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Just Do It

Venus in Scorpio intensifies our hungry desire nature big time-and with Scorpio Venus for the better part of the rest of the year we might as well get used to it. Our appetites are exacerbated, we're libidinous & on the prowl for satisfaction, we want what we want and we won't stop till we get it...

And to be honest this primal lust for life, determination to relish our pleasures and thrive is in many ways our greatest strength right now-we are so deeply tuned into whatever we desire that we basically magnetise it towards us through sheer force of will! Yes, and it can be so spunky and empowering to understand this. BUT-obviously, high-end, quality intentions create high-end quality experiences and outcomes; whereas indulging every skanky craving with greedy, uncouth abandon only dissipates our energy through loss of control.

Especially with Venus in orb of taskmaster Saturn for most of the next few months, and squaring Mars in cool-headed, principled Aquarius: the way we get what we want is discipline, focus, hard work, harnessing our full self-control and keeping every single thing we do within immaculate integrity!

And if that sounds like too much effort, I'm telling you that with such an easy aspect with Saturn it will be easier than it looks to keep it together -go on, give it a go, I bet it will feel so right! (And also much easier than picking yourself up off the floor later, after the kind of dirty bender we are capable of if we don't reign it in consciously right now, lol).

You honestly won't believe how spunky and empowered you will feel, the more you keep it clean, high-end and in full integrity for the rest of the year x

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