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People we need to talk about the mating season now upon us!

Venus and Mars-the astrological lovers-are being inexorably drawn toward one another right now, in a 'square' aspect of undeniable sexual & romantic tension. And this bodes oh so auspicious and interesting for all the lovers out there...

The energy here is the raw magnetic force of sexual chemistry, romantic fascination and maybe true love. The square aspect is not so much an easy, flowing thing-it can be challenging- but so bristling with the passion, desire and thrill of the chase that keeps our love lives fired up and dynamic.

It's the primal, yearning desire to connect. It's the differences between us that keep us intrigued by one another. It's the fights we have with our lover-and hopefully the make up sex and/or deeper conversations to sort it out. It's authentic relationships that stand the test of time. It's the emotional work to keep it real-and the bliss of true love when we do. It's the hunger of being single & on the prowl-seeking our next hot-blooded attraction. It's the thrill of the chase just to feel alive. It's the exquisitely scary question of wondering if the person you desire feels the same way? It's reading into every flirtation and the courage to make the move. It's the incandescent promise when it is reciprocated. And the courage, if rejected, to keep powering on to the next big thing undaunted. It's the power of love over fear. It's that magical, inexplicable kismet that creates those right time/right place meetings with someone special when least expected -destiny always places our soul mates on our path (eventually), it's what we do with one another once we've found them that matters, right?

Whether you are hooked up or about to be in the coming months; it's hot, passionate and requires your best romantic courage for sure.

The timing of this, astrologically, is that the square is building as we speak and basically in play till mid October -and some key romance dates to look out for are around Sept 12th and October 12th for extra special zing.

And then we get into a much more flowing, harmonious love energy with a Mars/Venus trine in early November and again in January; so plenty more romantic progress springing from the love mojo brewing now in coming months-but more on that later.

Meanwhile, if love is your thing the next six weeks or so is hot and bothered in all the right ways-and maybe come out the other end with an even more genuine, meaningful and robust relationship than ever. Let's embrace this with our most positive, open hearted attitude and enjoy the ride huh? Happy travels little lovers x

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