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So Mars is midway through an extended 6 month transit of your sign; and it’s been fun and all having the most fiery planet energising your moxy and driving you forward right?

On one hand you have been getting in touch with your brilliant self-confidence, sexy charisma, amazing work ethic & fierce determination to thrive, which is excellent. But also can be kinda hectic to keep up with yourself, your extrovert presence in the world and the pressure you are placing on yourself to succeed under these stars. So Mars temporarily hiding out in your secret soul sector for the first half of Sept is a bit of a relief. Time to retreat, chill the fuq out, take some regenerative time for yourself with meditation/netflix whatever and quietly scheme the next big move.

Because it’s all back on from the New Moon of the 10th! This is a fab fresh start to pick up your momentum in the following ways:

It’s in your sex/intimacy sector-need I say more? A nice chance for deeper emotional connection with your lover, and rebooting the sexy chemistry to turn you both on? Or if you’re on the prowl for someone new, maybe a seduction opportunity with someone more promising than usual? And even if you’re travelling solo this month, you get to tune into your own needs and desires-for a nicer, more honest relationship with yourself and to set you up beautifully for whenever you’re next doing romance? Because the Destiny Point in your love sector is spooky, long term potential for whatever love action you’re looking at right now… no rush.

Also it kicks off Venus lighting up your biz sector till January! This is an epic, 4 month period of coming to terms with your magnificent talent career wise, shmicking the work wardrobe way up the better to look sharp and charm your way into certain key opportunities and generally schmooze/shamelessly self promote and polish your brand advantageously. This could be a glorious period of nailing Aqua success in the world, don’t you know?

And Mars back on track in your sign until November. You have ideally taken enough down time in early Sept to come back roaring and fired up with so much sheer energy & lust for life to thrive thrive thrive for the rest of the year-yes you absolutely can!!!

Image: Pat McGrath make-up

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