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Two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine define August as follows:

The Leo New Moon of the 11th is not only in Leo, but also a partial Solar Eclipse to really fire up your moxy and clarify your most powerful, fresh new intentions to set your course for the coming 12 months. This is awesome!

And with Mercury on this Moon square expansive Jupiter, your intentions and plans are even bigger, bolder and more brazen than ever! But of course the trick is to channel all that bravado toward manifesting your big picture, visionary schemes in the real world by finessing the actual details with a bit of pragmatic nous:

Which is where the Full Moon of the 26th comes in. It’s in your biz/money sector and also hosts the grand earth trine of savvy Saturn in your work sector, innovative Uranus in your career sector and the Sun in your income sector. Baby it looks like your vocational/financial success stars are on fire by late August! Yep, even though you understand that the overwhelming number of retrograde planets indicate the need for lots of patience and attention to detail (right?); you are nevertheless driven by a fire in the belly to make your mark in the world/score proper job satisfaction on some level-and stick with the process for as long as it takes. This is so brilliant.

Meanwhile, this Full Moon is also awakening your sex/intimacy sector. Which is great for exploring a more emotionally congruent, authentic, rewarding connection with your lover. Or if single, a bit of kismet on the dating scene to maybe connect with someone a bit more special –and to be honest, with the south node of past karma in your love sector here, it could even be someone you already know or crushing on as we speak?

So you’re not flustered by sexy Mars fluffing around retro, in and out of your love sector all month. You get that it’s just a chance to play with attraction/flirtation/commitment dynamics with your best romantic intelligence; and the rewards come with more passionate momentum once Mars moves forward from mid September onwards-now that’s something to look forward to huh?

Image: Laine Fraser

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