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New Moon in Cancer coming up -1.47pm July 13th AEST, and it's powerfully inspiring in so many ways:

It's a partial Solar Eclipse, and the first of 3 Eclipses in a row to initiate the transformative Eclipse Season we are now entering.

And to the extent that New Moons are always about fresh emotional perspective and Cancer being the most emotional congruent sign of all; the Eclipse factor massively amplifies just how essential it is to listen to our gut-level Cancerian instincts, with all their pertinent & inescapable wisdom right now.

No matter what's going on in our lives this week- any given scenario or decision either FEELS right or it FEELS off -deep down in our emotional bones. And the more we remain attuned with these intuitive/emo imperatives and act accordingly the better. And it sure beats letting our monkey mind butt in, overanalyse and talk ourselves out of our own genius instincts, know what I mean?

I mean ok, with Pluto directly opposite this Moon the feelings are so fuqing intense and potentially overwhelming. It's great for passionate entanglements and the the empowering fact of honouring the deep connections we feel with our loved ones-whichever way the wind is blowing. But not so much for power tripping/madly trying to manipulate our way through some challenging relationship in order to avoid the inevitable vulnerability of desire/neediness/interdependence. We need the courage to FEEL IT, in all it's scary glory-and the internal locus of power of understanding that no, we cannot control how others feel/behave towards us but yes we can control how we react -right?

Especially with Mars retrograde right now. Old skool astrology says that under Mars retro any conflict/hostilities you initiate you will lose, but if you stay cool you will prevail over anyone who comes at you with aggro intent. So if you're flustered by someone annoying and tempted to be the first to pick a fight under this Moon? No No No you don't !!!

And also Pluto is teaching us to confront our own self-doubt. Sooking because we're scared of failure in some area of personal growth/creative or financial enterprise, and tempted to give up? No, obviously, that's just giving our power away to our own dumb-ass fears. But cultivating the internal locus of power and self-reliance of backing ourselves all the way, no matter what? Yep-that's the kind of successful, transformative growth that this Moon is offering us-let's embrace it as fully as possible.

Especially with the fabulous synchronicity of lucky Jupiter newly direct in excellent alignment with this Moon -Jupiter Moons are big, bold, expressions of our emotional truth and true desires for best results. It's all about expansive, positive thinking, embracing new adventures and walking our talk with magnificent, fearless intention to thrive in the coming month... yes, it's pretty much the only way forward right now, don't you know?

And I can't help noticing that lucky Jupiter is at 13 degrees Scorpio in sync with the Eclipse falling on Friday 13th in most parts of the world - ooh the lucky number 13 could be playing a magical, mystical role in trusting our intuition this month, with maybe some divine guidance & synchronicity to help us along, how fascinating...

Happy New Moon x

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