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Full Moon in Capricorn, exact 2.51pm June 28th, AEST. So Full Moons are always checking in with how we feel about stuff- and in Capricorn it's about our relationship with personal discipline, external authority, power hierarchy dynamics and ideally the integrity and guts with which we power forward/climb the ladder of success etc. Great. But be warned, this Moon has Capricorn boss-planet Saturn smack bang on top of it-so politics, power, control freaky shizz and awesome, challenging levels of self-control & perseverance have got our number this week big time!

It's an incredible opportunity to cleave to the singularity of our ambition, purpose in the world, self mastery and laser-like intentionality. We are so not fluffing around right now, we are focused as fuq on whatever we deem to be important, no matter what. And the satisfaction of proving our hard-yakka mettle & resolve to ourselves is so rewarding! Never mind scoring public validation/hyper conscious of status anxiety about whoever we feel could be judging/evaluating our worth in the world right now -do we care? And if so, let's make sure we're impressing the right people for the right reasons huh?

Because the drive to self-improvement-for personal growth and tangible, successful outcomes- is fierce with this Moon. And yes we can enjoy big, well-earned breakthroughs and victories if we keep it high end with honourable, constructive intent; and remain vigilant against the temptation to cut corners, hustle sleazy deals or surrender our power because fear of failure/sooking cos it's too hard etc. It's all about stepping up to our full potential with perseverance, success consciousness & on our own sweet terms!

So hopefully less of this:

And more of this:

And more of this:

And, perhaps most importantly, more of this:

Happy Capricorn Moon folks, let's stay true to ourselves and nail it x

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