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It's Venus in Leo season till July 10th folks, and time to get our strut on!

This is always great for unleashing our fabulous spunk, magnificent talent, gorgeous good looks, full tilt glamour; because we're pretty unencumbered by false modesty, to be honest. It's all about living large and bringing as much vitality, colour and life-affirming creative expression to the world as we can:

Because Venus rules our core creative aptitude; the raw talent that -should we do the work to properly polish it up- becomes our very own brilliant, unique, gifted expertise and flair that we can show off more unapologetically than ever. And gosh don't we love the applause right now! Yep, we're all show ponies now, and maybe a particularly effective time to work any shameless self promotion, finessing our 'brand' or marketing drive we've been considering recently?

Also because, more to the point, Venus is perfecting her annual sync with the Destiny Point-the North Node or Dragon's head-that points our way to optimum future success, around June 20th. This is a powerful moment of insight about what we have come here to do/who we have come here to be in this lifetime. Any flashes of inspiration about our true, most authentic path this week could be particularly resonant. Something-some synchronicity, sign or intuition- may be calling us to a delicious, rewarding step in the right direction right now-lets keep our eyes and ears open, our antennae pricked and ready to claim it with full Leo bravura huh?

Image: Aline Weber by Richard Bush for i-D

And Venus rules beauty and style, it's all about ostentatious bling, big hair, tawny/bronzed skin, piles of gold or costume jewellery, animals prints and luxy fur (fake of course-we honour our raw animal confidence by honouring our animal brethren and not wearing them right!).

Image: Auguste the Label

But it's really about the attitude! If we're prancing/strutting around with the effortless swag that comes from the deep sense of personal confidence that Leo is so famous for, our outfit doesn't so much matter; we're bound to wear it well and shine with personal charisma...

Image: unable to find original source for this image- via

...and did I mention big, magnificent hair? The mane-whether wild, messy, perfectly glossy whatever-is a Leo fixation for sure.

Image: Julia Stegner by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Italia

And Venus rules romance. In Leo it's all about big passion, delicious affectionate warmth and treating our lovers with genuine emotional generosity; the better to make them feel as special and cherished as possible and be adored right back in return. Let's love large with a big, magnificent open heart huh? Which is a hell of a lot more fun than the shadow side of Leo-the tempting but tedious ego games that only seperate us from one another-no let's not. It's fab mating season for the bravehearts amongst us who are hot blooded enough to really care and fearless enough to show it. Grrrrr- lets get our prowl on and go love us up a storm!

Image: unable to find original source for this pic, closest guess-Joni Mitchell & Graham Nash?

And of course with the Destiny Point involved, we could be statistically more likely to be exploring a real, precious soul-mate connection in our lives right now or brewing a kismet stye meeting with some new soul-mate type attraction? Oh the thrills & spills of meaningful, passionate, high stakes soul-mating huh?

Let's do this -happy Venus in Leo x

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