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Well Jupiter retrograde in your biz sector might be a tad frustrating, what with so many magnificent, promising professional schemes & dreams brewing –but perhaps not quite ready to charge forward until mid July. But do you use this as an excuse to mope or bunk off? God no, are you kidding! With Mars energising your sign for the next 6 whole months you’re so on fire, driven and primed for success it’s ridiculous…

What Mars does is charge our batteries, stoke our primal life force and lust for life-not to mention our sexy libido, activate our determined work ethic to make stuff happen and permission to claim our right to be unapologetic success machines. Ok, and aggravate our temper and anger issues, so we want to watch a volatile, short fuse reaction to things. And yep all of the above is you right now; it’s so rare for Mars to spend so long in one sign, so from now till November is your big chance to step up and shine-ready or not.

So career wise, whilst you’re waiting for Jupiter to open the bigger doors from July; for the moment you remain focused upon whatever progress you can work right now. And that would be the New Moon of the 14th in your talent sector; where you grab the confidence to really believe in whatever you’re good at. Because it’s all about backing yourself –the more you commit to the creative process of cultivating your best skills the more you can strut around with that lovely, well deserved self assurance and the moxy to get some shameless self promotion happening in the world huh?

And romance wise, Mars says your seductive prowess is currently smoking hot! Oh yes, for such a cerebral sign you are a bit of a sex/love machine right now; if you have a partner to ravish for next level connection, or someone new in your sights –the next 6 months could be tres passionate and rewarding little lover… Especially with the Venus/Destiny Point connection in your love sector around June 19th: could be a spooky, promising, even soul mate chemistry with someone special revealing itself, with long term/game changing potential if you’re up for it?

Image: Photographer- Josh Olins Stylist- Alastair McKimm Model- Liya Kebede.

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