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So how is everyone going with this Taurus New Moon energy, and Uranus busting up our comfort zones all over the place? It's a wild ride:

I mean ok we are shaking off tons of old attachments and security issues that may have been holding us back for a while now; and yes we absolutely treat ourselves with profound compassion and cultivate patience with this process of deep transformation that could be shaking us to the core. The seeds of new life possibilities coming up now have several years to sprout into fully fledged outcomes, so kind of take it easy- no rush.

But also we are ideally not dwelling on the limiting old stories about our lives currently falling apart around us; we are too busy being wildly inspired by the thrill of the new, liberating possibilities in front of us and tripping the light fantastic by opening our minds to the great unknown with a positive attitude yes? Yes!!!

So even on the off chance you are about to fall flat on your face/or have to release expectations in some area of your life that suddenly feels crazy fluxy -big deal; maybe was time to let go of that particular scenario anyway right, and could be a relief? And more importantly it's all about making room and emotional oxygen to focus on whatever scenarios have you feeling freshly turned on and inspired to grow and thrive in your life. Because even if it's challenging, the new options-however unexpected- currently presenting themselves are so damn full of promise, game changing and totally worth working towards!

Let's really spread our wings and aim for our highest aspirations at this turning of the tide in our lives-why not? Our dreams are worth it and so are we x

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