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Image:Makeup- Hilda Jonkman Model- Ovo Drenth


Omg we have to talk about Mars blasting into your sign and energising your positive, sexy moxy from mid May until mid November! Because we usually only host Mars for 2 months every few years; so a rare, extended phase like this is a massive, energising blast of personal confidence to carry you through until late 2018.

You are full of libidinous lust for life, wildly charismatic in a way no one can ignore and ready to seize the day/chase your dreams and satisfy your hungry desires with such determination. So it feels so good to just be unapologetically you, which is pretty sweet in itself right? And also the more you are clear about your most important goals and ambitions right now, the more can leverage this potent energy to make important stuff happen for real. Could be time to focus your attention?

Meanwhile, we have the New Moon of the 15th introducing your ruling planet, Uranus to shake up your domestic sector good and proper-for seven whole years ahead of liberating the Aqua home & family paradigm:

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly begin feeling more restless than you have in a long time about where you live, and ready to change it up. Could be you consider a big, even long-distance relocation-yes a cool new neighbourhood/sea change/tree change/fab new city or even distant shores could soon be calling your name! Or it could be just be a reno or very different style of abode/domestic set up, more in tune with any new lifestyle choices you will soon be exploring.

Or perhaps you are freeing up of the family/ tribe dynamic in your life. Maybe some old, limiting patterns releasing themselves from your family of origin/childhood issues-which is bound to be a lovely relief. Or even if it’s a shakedown of any current family/co-habs situation, it feels fab to have permission to re-negotiate the dynamics. Because either way it’s introducing a more contemporary vibe, to evolve your closest relationships toward optimum, beautifully authentic future outcomes…

Especially with the Full Moon of May 30th across your social/romance sectors syncing with the Destiny Point in your partnership sector & the sexy Mars seduction prowess. Late month is primo time to love and be loved more freely, and embrace the full potential of whatever connections are turning you on right now -so good!

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