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So Mercury retro seems to have hit peak angst this week! With every step forward apparently plagued by the most irritating dramas, like some mad mercurial monkey on our back chasing us around and kyboshing our every move:

And it's all classic Mercury retro: stifling bureaucratic details crap/techie outages/broken gadgets/lost property disappearing into some weird vortex for no apparent reason/messy financial transactions/vehicles breaking down just when we're in a hurry to be somewhere/best laid plans requiring constant re-evaluation/communication all over the shop -you know the drill. Aargh?

Fear not folks, Mercury stations direct on April 15th and it's all about to start making sense again -finally! So as much as we begin to regain our composure, clarity and forward momentum in the next few days; lets not rush ahead too recklessly just yet. Best to suss out the lay of the land for the next few weeks, finesse the details and wait to sign any contracts/launch big ventures/force the issue in significant dialogues until Mercury gets out of storm phase from May 3rd. Yes we relish the fresh perspective over the weekend -let's embrace it- but a semblance of patience still pays off until early May huh?

Meanwhile, happy Mercury nearly direct x

Image: Helmut Newton

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