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Venus shmoozes into Taurus, to lush up our love, beauty, charm and creative sensibilities from April 1st-24th. Because Venus loves being in Taurus! She's on home turf here, in one of the signs of her rulership where she gets to luxuriate and really feel into her divine, earthy feminine power- and so do we...

This is where we get right into the physical reality of our most sensual, palpable desire nature, with a healthy appetite for pleasure and luxuriant comfortability in our own skin -just because it comes naturally and feels so good right now.

Image: Sophia Lauren

And with Mars/Saturn/Pluto throbbing in the background we have are driven by a slow burning determination and capacity to do the work of bringing any creative or biz aspirations on our radar into full, manifest fruition. So it's not just dreary work ethic for the sake of it and neither are we rushing into any hare brained schemes impatiently; we take the time to enjoy the process and really savour and enjoy the rewards as they come -we're ready to thrive!

And also Venus rules love and romance. And in Taurus we have a tendency to go for the pleasure factor. It's all about successful, fulfilling seduction; because (even though Scorpio is known as the sexiest sign but actually- ask any Scorp -it's more the intoxicating emotional intensity they're hooked on) Taurus is the ultimate placement for superb bedwork & falling madly in love/lust whatever based purely on astounding physical chemistry. And there are worse reasons I guess, because having a good time feels so life-affirming great right now, and given that the authentic physical intimacy of Taurus energy can of course be the gateway to deeper passions...

Especially with the Venus/Mars synergy of mid April. It's all earthy and sensual in Taurus and Capricorn; but with magical Neptune involved there could be way more mystical, karmic, dare I say soulmating synergy brewing under the surface -there's more going on than meets the eye!

Image: Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

And Venus rules beauty and style. In tactile Taurus clothes are all about quality, we want to feel the texture of beautiful, quality fabrics swishing against our skin. If it's nice to touch it's nice to wear- so if you want to feel gorgeous this month push any nasty synthetics to the back of the wardrobe and choose the most natural and deliciously lush pieces instead-even if we keep the rest of our look freshly scrubbed, earthy and simple.

Image: Donna Karan

And we love a bit of luxury and gorgeous layers of adornment in Taurus too. Perhaps the luxy feel of heavy, quality jewellery against our skin? And skin care is organic, for sure. And scent is either just rolled in the hay/sweaty from a hard days work or ideally the garlicky, herby aromas of cooking up a storm-Taurus just loves to cook. Or an earthy amber, musky, sandalwood, frankincense, oudh type perfume?

Image: Natalia Vodianova for Paolo Roversi

And Venus rules art and creativity. In Taurus we embrace the hands on, sensual pleasure of making beautiful and practical things. Whether we're painters, builders, sculptors, gardeners, chefs, tattooists (for example) we love the physical fact of brush-on-canvas, banging nails into wood, the feel of smooth stone/sticky clay, sinking our hands into the soil as we make our garden grow, chopping veggies in the kitchen, the indelible feel of ink sinking into the skin...etc. And Taurus is also wonderfull aligned with music, so any musos amongst us could be tapping into a fab vein of inspiration by playing around with their instruments/voice and letting the muse strike where she may. It's just as much technical expertise as inspiration right now, so lets get busy with the actual work ethic of the creative process right now.

Image: Barbara Hepworth by Paul Schutzer

Happy Venus in Taurus, let's savour each moment of it x

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