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Venus ducking into your soul sector early month may have you feeling a little more romantically introverted for the moment? More precisely, you are taking time to tune into your most subtle instincts about love; you are actually craving some kind of mystical connection, spiritual recognition, dare I say it soulmating thrill –anything less may leave you frankly uninspired to be honest. Which is lovely that you are open to a more meaningful love-and ok it’s somewhat more likely to present in it’s own mysterious ways; but yearnings like this may or may not be realistic right now, of course…

So thank goodness for randy Mars meeting commitment oriented Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector around April 2nd! The raw passion of Mars has you trusting the immediate, kinaesthetic, tangible chemistry of whatever attraction you’re dealing with (it’s either there or it’s not, no need to overthink it). And Saturn helps you do the emotional work to cultivate something real and genuinely compatible; which is so much more sustainable than flaky flights of romantic fancy, don’t you know?

Ok so love reality check –about your current or any prospective lovers, tick. Well done you!

Meanwhile Mercury turning direct on top of the New Moon of the 15th is fresh new perspective on your tribe. Your core competency of sparkly, articulate communication genius attracts fab dialogues with your best friends/prospective like minded buddies/social networking scenarios to really get a handle on your place in the world and the people you want to hang out with right now. You love this!

And then the Full Moon of the 30th in your work sector turns the spotlight on the Gemini day job. Your professional instincts –including your most savvy financial/biz negotiation skills are so on point by the end of April. Carefully teasing out the rewarding income you deserve from whatever it is you could be the new normal, if you play your cards right at the end of April!

Image: Helmut Newton

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