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If the Full Moon of the 2nd has you restless as hell, and dreaming of personal freedom/far horizons/charging off on some hare brained scheme to break up the monotony?

Well this may chiefly serve to remind you just how much personal discipline you are currently rocking, what with your ruler Saturn now in your sign; and the valuable goals/obligations you are actually committed to, and unlikely to ditch on a passing whim. Which is validating –you little workhorse you! Yes you use early March for a more visionary approach to the exciting long-term plans you are working at, for fresh inspiration, but not so much skivving off huh?

Because Mars in your sign from March 18th-mid May is so energising, and you are determined to focus this upon a fierce new work ethic to do whatever turns you on with higher than usual odds of success; and the kind of passionate, positive living that comes with that intention -oh yes.

Also because the New Moon of the 18th in your ideas sector is brilliant for the most magical, inspiring new schemes and dreams to focus your attention upon, for constructive and rewarding forward progress for the rest of the month. Ideally you run with this momentum for the moment; and the by the time Mars meets Saturn in early April you can refine the details/evaluate your priorities with next level clarity for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, Mars is also revving up your sexy charisma for a bit of fiery, confident perspective on the Capricorn love life from mid month. It’s pretty much down to you to identify, pursue and seduce your romantic quarry with enough hot-blooded bravado and genuine warmth to win them over right now. Whether it’s your current lover or out on the prowl for someone new if single –it’s your call to make passion happen; and yes I believe you’re hot enough to do it!

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