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Mars has just galloped into Sagittarius (Jan 27th-March 17th), and what a relief to feel the wind in our hair and a bit of real momentum again! I mean what with restrictive Saturn finally out of Sag and Mars finally out of the clandestine planning/scheming Scorpio energy; we're ready to claim out wildling, impatient, bucking lust for life and into some positive, fearless action for a while, and we're loving it! We can expect to be energised by a more adventurous, expansive attitude to life in the next few months; and there's so much progress to be made the more we embrace this for a good time and dropping any illusions of personal limitation. We are free spirits, with unlimited potential right now and don't care who knows it!

Ok so specifically Mars rules aggro-so how does that roll in Sagittarius? Mars loves a fight and Sag doesn't, basically. I mean Sag is all about personal freedom, and will fight tooth and claw for that particular imperative: anybody who has ever tried to control a Sag type person's enthusiasm, or break their stride knows all about the fury of a caged animal -Sag will swiftly find the nearest window or back door (literally or metaphorically), and they're outta there so fast they won't be seen for dust!

So when it comes to conflict/self assertion we don't so much brawl, or even stand our ground in Sag as assert our 'take me as I am or I'm the fuq outta here' attitude. We're either given full reign to be ourselves, or we buck and bolt until any control freaks on our back are left lying in the dirt wondering where the hell we got to? (galloping into the sunset, that's where).

But left to our own devices and free to be ourselves; we are thrilled to be alive and give life our very best, positive shot on our own exuberant terms-this is so fun!

Image: Mikhael Barishkinov

And Mars rules sex and desire. We are turned on right now by a partner in crime: someone we can be our authentic selves with and explore open ended horizons/shared values/and ok animal passion, the better to break all the romantic rules together and maybe fall in Big Love? But tedious 'Us' talks/insecurities around commitment issues maybe not so much?

We do it with radical candour after some big, brave, emotionally revealing chat/some long winded philosophical rave, or outdoors with the uninhibited physicality of naked swimming in the ocean/the eros of nature/shared adventure/hatching travel plans with our lover etc. Or if single, perhaps we run into some sparky new attraction at the beach/outdoors/the gym/the airport/somewhere different we wouldn't normally hang out? Which in any case is a refreshing change of pace from the romantic secrecy of Mars in Scorpio recently...

And Mars rules ambition. It's all about financial/lifestyle freedom-we want to do something meaningful for a living, but mainly with minimum constraints on our personal liberty. Yes, anyone madly working at independent income/professional autonomy/more flexible hours in their job etc is going to find the next few months super inspiring.

Happy Mars in Sag x

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