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It's pretty nice that just as Mars is all inspired by lucky Jupiter; he is also making a cute little sextile aspect with his lover, Venus over the next few days. This adds up to a lovely, auspicious opportunity for all the lovers out there to open up to optimum connection and romantic progress with our most loving emotional confidence this week.

We trust our romantic instincts and reach out with sweet intent; whether we're chasing a new flirtation with someone promising OR nurturing a nicer/refreshed dynamic with our existing lover. Because I've noticed with my readings recently that there's a bit of hysterical, reactive, prickly emo going on out there; with peeps all over the shop trying to pre-emptively sabotage perfectly good-or at least promising relationships. I blame all the vulnerability & emotional insecurity flushed out by that recent Cancer Full Moon-and certainly the Venusian New Moon of Jan 17th will help to get us back on track with our genuine connections-and ok healthily ditch any delusional attachments that actually no longer serve us.

So meanwhile this Mars/Venus action is primo energy to give true love/a promising crush/a necessary 'us' talk/whatever our very best shot! Sometimes it's that little bit of effort that makes all the difference huh?

It's kinda playful, kinda sexy and could surprise us with the perfect right time/right place/mutual attraction/shared feelings synchronicity to believe in our romantic dreams-and our loved ones again. Awww. And yes this also applies to platonic/family/biz etc relationships-all of our connections can benefit from the mutual understanding and improved communication skills of this astro. Let's go forth and do this, little lovers x

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