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Mars conjunct Jupiter feels...

Mars energising the positive vibes of Jupiter in wily old Scorpio this week?

We are all about a fierce self assurance that is at once stealthily under the radar (we're too busy quietly banging away at some cool, success oriented scheme/awesome self improvement & personal growth to give a fuq what anyone thinks) AND brazenly, magnificently rocking our brilliance in the world by walking around with our most spunky charisma TOTALLY on show and -again just because we can- still not giving a fuq what anyone thinks!

The energy this week is sexy, uncompromising, expansive and beautifully optimistic. Our instincts are bang on and in return life presents some cool opportunities to live large, with maximum authenticity and efficient magical manifestation of our most cherished desires-especially if they are desires that actually serve us, of course. As always the more we remain conscious, intentional and switched on the more we can take advantage of this excellent astro x

Image: Etnia Barcelona collaborates with Steve Mc Curry for a sunglasses collection that takes inspiration to Africa

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