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Image: Dietmare Busse's Running Horse series.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is upon us- 5.30pm Dec 19th, AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh burst of inspiration and in Sagittarius it's all about unleashing our wildling spirit, animal instincts, rebel-heart personal freedom and boundless enthusiasm for life! We're up for expanding our horizons and big adventure -doing it or at least dreaming about it to turn us on for the coming year...

In many ways the visionary intentions we tune into this Moon are going to creatively manifest and prepare us for the themes of 2018, so we want to keep it as blisteringly positive, open minded and optimistic as possible. Especially with Venus on board here; we are fully inspired in art, biz, creative manifestation and a lovely openness to the best, most promising love and romance potential on our radar right now.

We don't even care about the stoopid Mercury retrograde trying to kybosh the details this week-we're thinking big and confident enough to rise above all that and think long term. One of the gifts of Sag energy is blind optimism, which can actually translate well to the extent we keep it high end-if we believe anything is possible and act accordingly then the world is our oyster, right?

Because the real brilliance of this Moon is fuelled by Saturn finally out of Sagittarius -OMG after 2 1/2 years of all our wildest/most brazen dreams being held under the microscope of Saturnian accountability, hard yakka and interminable perseverance under duress; we get to shake off any lingering doubts and go hard core toward living large on our own terms-we've earned it!

Ok so this is particularly poignant for any Sag types out there (and yes as a full blooded Sag I admit I'm into it big time); but also true for anyone trying to score more personal freedom and pulling off the bigger dreams you've been working toward for a while- we're all going to feel a positive shift in the force to help us get there this week.

Saturn in Capricorn over the next few years, with all the newly sharpened, pragmatic biz savvy that will entail is another story for another post; but meanwhile let's let our hair down this festive season and enjoy the release point that is Sagittarius season!

Happy New Moon x

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