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Mercury has just stationed retro right on the Full Moon in Mercurial Gemini, so it's a busy, fluxy energy we're dealing with right now. It's kinda stressy hectic, but also brilliant for the kind of nimble multitasking our variously kinetic/rapidly evolving situations are currently demanding. If there's a difference between constructively busy/on the move to better things vs scatty/flakey distraction we're about to learn the meaning of it!

Image: Alex Prager

The fact that Mercury goes retro on top of Saturn means that we have to be that much more grounded and precise about where we focus our mental energy; the better to manifest tangible outcomes and achievements by the time Mercury moves forward and meets Saturn again (in efficient Capricorn) by mid January 2018. Even if we just align our intentions correctly now (with the mental discipline to finesse the plan as our scenario evolves and not succumb to the temptation to act rashly and prematurely on any hare brained schemes just yet) and line up our strategies for 2018 -we're doing well!

Because until Dec 22nd-or preferably January 11th when Mercury fully escapes the 'shadowzone' of this retrograde; the usual precautions apply about signing contracts/binding agreements (even verbal)/big tech purchases/biz launches/booking travel plans/blurting out random shizz in our personal lives that we haven't thought through properly yet.

Meanwhile, much better to lay low and scheme the next stage with subtle, patient finesse. The dark horses amongst us, working quietly behind the scenes could be building brilliant momentum for the coming year -oh yes. Or if we must act on important stuff right now we triple check the goddamn details! And this includes interpersonal communication; it's a brilliant time to re-visit certain old conversations, the better to carefully and subtly refresh/negotiate new & improved relational dynamics. But forcing heavy 'us' talks for the sake of drama or freaking out about unresolved shizz we can't control just yet? Not such a good look.

Lets do this with savvy strategy, subtle insight, or even playful trickster genius to get us through if necessary? Happy Mercury retrograde x

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