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December is here and the scopes are up. It all begins with a Mars/Uranus opposition to smash up any tedious status quo and electrify us with a sense of cool new possibilities; perfectly setting the tone for what is a most liberating month.

I mean it's Sagittarius season; and it's all about Saturn out of Sag from the 20th; where we all reclaim any healthily rebellious/adventurous tendencies we might have been quashing these last few years and get our groove on again! I mean I'm not gonna lie to you, as a full-blooded Sag myself I'm all over this and can't wait so I'm probably not the most objective astrologer on this lol-but honestly late December is going to be more fun and expansive than we think!

And yes with Saturn moving into Capricorn we are preparing ourselves for a pragmatic, biz-savvy attitude to 2018; and ready to work our dreams into proper reality over the next few years, which is a nice intention to focus on as the New Year approaches...

So meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th allows a more visionary emotional authenticity, with the Destiny Point and Ceres on board to help nurture our creativity, the better to live that much more in tune with our true calling -whatever that might be.

Then the New Moon of the 18th is about maverick Uranus energising a massive planetary line up in rebel-heart Sag. Honestly, if we don't claim whatever personal/creative/emotional/whatever freedom we've been craving lately by mid-December; when the hell will we get to grips with our wildling nature?? Let's dream big now, the better to live large as we go into the next few years, huh?

Also because Mars into Scorpio from the 10th is a sexy new vitality and lust for life to drive us forward in all areas of life, and specifically more confidence in chasing up whatever seduction opportunities are presenting right now. So it's fab that Venus in Sag is the free-spirited capacity to love more fiercely, courageously and unconditionally -let's embrace this!

Happy December -more details for your sign here x

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