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So are you ready for your ruling planet, Saturn, moving into your sign from Dec 20th? Any intentions around your personal self-mastery and bigger ambitions coming up now have 2 1/2 years ahead to manifest; so it’s all about finessing your focus/priorities and getting real about what it’s going to take to reach your full potential…

Most signs would be freaking out with taskmaster Saturn heading their way, but you have such a natural affinity with the disciplinarian/well-earned-success consciousness of this you’re totally up for it. I mean for goodness sake you have Bitch Lilith newly on board; so you’re more fiercely determined than ever to live authentically and no time to fuq around with self-doubt. You’re all Bring It On I’m ready to thrive –yes you are!

Ok so meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th in your work sector is brilliant practice for this. You tune into some truly genius gut instincts about what turns you on professionally, the better to scheme the kind of subtly effective plans and networking genius to make it happen in the long term. Don’t underestimate the potential of this my friend, it could be so much more realistic than you think -and the New Moon of the 18th is a nice, inner sense of spiritual wellbeing and intuitive direction to help you maintain the faith.

And you might want to look out for Venus/Lilith rocking your most phenomenal personal charisma/romantic allure and creative brilliance around Dec 26th-30th. Could you get any hotter and more talented going into the New Year or what?

Speaking of love, The Destiny Point and Ceres in your intimacy sector all month is a profound insight into how any emotional/romantic/sexual entanglements on your radar could evolve to become more nurturing with time? Or intentionalise the kind of healthy relating you are looking for, future wise?

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