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So as much as Venus is trying to do her seething, emotionally obsessive thing in Scorpio right now-it's becoming harder to maintain the brooding intensity with Venus hooking up with lucky, expansive Jupiter over the next few days-this is so good...

The Scorpio emotional authenticity becomes a breezy, natural, transparent process instead of the dubious pleasure of painstakingly cataloging/churning through our favourite skeletons in the emo closet-know what I mean? Once we decide to get over ourselves we are more likely to effortlessly drop whatever deep-dark crap we've been hanging onto lately, and embrace a spontaneous capacity for fun and positive personal growth instead. How fabulous!

So our relationship with self becomes more accepting and easeful as it becomes less judgemental; and so do our relationships with one another. We should be opening up with more unconditional trust and feeling closer with all our loved ones right now. And hopefully this brings a nice sense of collective, brotherly love in our collective socio-political dynamic this month-we sure need it right now.

And of course Venus rules romantic attraction and love, so we're also feeling way more positive in our love lives mid month. We are so much likely to unpack any complex, heavy issues that have arisen with our lovers/partners recently with a fresh, expansive new perspective. A wonderful opportunity see the big picture, forgive and forget perceived transgressions or whatever, and move forward by recognising the optimum future potential of our relationship and embracing that for a good time! It's supposed to be about a confident, fun, exciting romantic adventure right now-heavy 'us' talks/point scoring/forcing some gnarly issue (however sorely tempting)-not so much.

Let's love with as much trusting, positive abandon as possible -the better to truly see if our relationship is, indeed, healthy enough to cultivate a happy future together...

And if single/looking for love it's a fab time to open up to new possibilities with an open romantic mind. Maybe someone wildly different to our expectations turns up -and with magical Neptune on board it could be a crazy-ass fantasy or a true soul-mate-but we'll never know unless were willing to take a positive, life-affirming risk on love right now?

And anyway we're so busy charging around having fun with the brilliant creative/biz/travel/adventure buzz of Venus/Jupiter we're honestly having too much fun to worry about love (and besides, isn't this the headspace most likely to attract cool romantic encounters when genuinely least expected?) -we are happy because it's our birthright, and that is reason enough!

Happy Venus/Jupiter joy, you deserve it x

Image: Sarawut Intarob

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