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Lucky Jupiter newly in your vocational sector is such a beautifully authentic, promising new confidence to your professional potential in the world! The very act of believing you are capable of more success/recognition/cash/job satisfaction/freedom of movement/autonomy in your career is what magnetises the right kind of opportunities to you – know what I mean?

Especially with Venus on board from the 8th, your core, brilliance talent and professional charisma is peaking. It’s prime time to be really good at what you do –and the creative discipline that comes with that, particularly around the Full Moon of the 4th. And also dressing the part/shmicking up your look/rocking some shameless self-promotion works a treat right now; with a particularly genius, fresh take on your ‘brand’/biz idea/potential gig coming together around the New Moon of the 18th.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th is also an important reminder to ground yourself, emotionally in your home base –whether it’s jushing up the lair so it feels more like a nurturing/inspiring sanctuary or bonding more authentically with family/co-habs etc; the better to have a solid, energising foundation from which to launch yourself for the rest of the month.

And this intention for a more nourishing personal life pays dividends as the Destiny Point and nurturing Ceres join forces in your love sector by late November. Especially with Venus on board around the 22nd; you are more likely to hook into an exquisite, profoundly promising new understanding with your lover-or if single more likely to enjoy a destinal, kismet style meeting/flirtation with someone so promising (maybe via brilliant career!)…

Image: Tinsel Town, Fashion Feature shot for Foam Magazine,

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