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Well with so much awful stuff going on in the world this week, at least we have a beautiful Venus/Mars conjunction for the next few days to remind us that love matters! It's loving, supportive human connection -whether romantic, familial, friends, tribe or biz that gets us through and always wins out, and lets not forget it!

But let's be honest, when the lovers get together it feels like mating season -and hungry romantic attraction that's most likely to be on our mind...

So under these stars we are statistically more likely to bump into someone hot & promising if single/on the prowl, get our crush to notice us with some well-placed, flirty repartee or pair-bond with our lover more deeply and harmoniously if already partnered...

And in Virgo our best romantic look is classy, intelligent, elegantly discriminating about what we want and yes, ok, quietly sensational in bed if it comes to that (Virgo is a sensual earth sign, after all).

We give our lover the gift of clear self-expression, and then really listening to what they have to say in response. I mean why dither around trying to read one another's minds when we can actually communicate instead? Because its a genuine meeting of minds, and the sparky chemistry and mutual respect that comes with it that really turns us on right now...

The better to clarify intentions if needs be, or just help one another understand our more subtle desires and give each other what we need for a more rewarding connection... this could be so good! Of course there is also the undercurrent of critical, perfectionist nagging with Virgo that we want to watch out for here -let's keep it constructive huh?

So lets seize the rest of the week as a chance to cultivate whatever love action is on our radar (or about to turn up) with stylish finesse... for maximum passion/seduction magic/commitment/whatever turns us on.

And ps, whether or not we're into romantic love right now that's ok -this astro is also brilliant for savvy biz/career/cash negotiations -including creative collaborations of all kinds.

And just to prove I am walking my talk on this astro advice (insert shameless self promotion) I have chosen this week to sign the contract with my software developer to build my upcoming tarot app! Yes there will soon be a brilliant new app, for instant online readings with over 3000 possible answers to a variety of questions I have spent the last 3 years writing -this is going to be epic, accurate and fun... stay tuned for the launch date by the end of the year.

Meanwhile happy Mars/Venus conjunct; let's make the most of it for a good time -and maybe more- in our love and relationship lives this week x

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