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Full Moon in Pisces is about to have her enchanted way with us -exact September 6th, 6.02pm AEST.

This is a full-blown Neptune situation, with the Moon on top of Pisces' ruler Neptune; the ultimate guru of all things magical, mystical, spiritual & the muse of arty creative inspiration...

Image: Antonia Mora

Image: Sofia Ajram

Image: real life mermaid Hannah Fraser

...AND Neptune is the wicked siren song of addled intoxicated, escapism, crazy benders to throw us right off track/scramble our best intentions if we're not careful...

Hmmm we have some choices to make here, huh?

And luckily we have Mars into savvy, health-conscious, composed Virgo to help us keep it together with spunky self-respect, healthy discipline and discriminating focus on the goals that really matter right now... I mean with Saturn and Mercury newly direct we have some pretty cool schemes and self-mastery challenges on the go and we don't want to lose sight of that just cos of momentary, scatterbrained Full Moon madness huh?

Sometimes is pays to keep our eye on the prize just when we're tempted to throw it all out the window on a crazy whim.... this Moon is potentially such a beautiful opportunity to follow our bliss, manifest our dreams into reality and be the creatrix of our own life -best not waste it! Let's keep it clean, visionary and high-end, yes?

Image: Paula Marcina by Jakov Baricic for Vogue Ukraine

Happy Full Moon x

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