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Saturn is the rules, the system, discipline, authority, control -the patriarchy, basically:

Image; Pierce Brosnan (swoon), GQ France.

And Lilith is independence, rebellion, personal freedom, the ultimate fuq-you outlaw:

Image: unknown source

So it's a bit of a WTF energy that these two are hanging out in close proximity pretty much until the end of the year -and certainly almost EXACTLY on top of each other until early September...and in rebel-heart Sagittarius- woah baby we're in for some paradigm-busting to keep us honest! So what do we think is going to go down here???

Image: Star Wars, Darth and Leia hanging out.

I mean being a full-blown Sag/Lilith type myself I'm not exactly objective lol; but I'm wondering if this could help the rebels and environmental/freedom/peace/libertarian/wimmin/warriors/pagan/human rights/sovereignty activists out there to, you know, smash the patriarchy etc (and hopefully before it starts WW3 or something)...

...and of course peacefully! Lilith isn't actually aggro, she just wants to go hang out with the animals/nature/be free/do her own spunky thing unencumbered by anyone foolishly trying to control-freak/tell her what to do...

Ok, so other than that particular rant...

What this combination is really about is balancing the need for freedom/unencumbered self-expression with the need for some healthy, sustained self-discipline within ourselves. If we claim the right to live on our own, unflinching terms in our personal lives right now, we better walk our talk, do it with maximum integrity and get it right huh?

Those of us who have tended to bratty rebellion might have to pull some functional self-control/work ethic together, and those of us who have been a bit too conformist/restrictive in our thinking might have to bust a move and think a bit more outside the square right now? It's all about striking the right balance...

Saturn at his best is a brilliant capacity to set worthwhile goals for ourselves and the honest drive to sweat it out with a genuine desire to really earn our success -so good. And Lilith at her best is taking responsibility for living with raw authenticity and honestly, actually not giving a fuq what anyone thinks about that. What these two have in common is gutsy integrity and strength of character and that, my friends, is the real gift, and potential of this astro combination!

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