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Love goddess Venus into Cancer today, and suddenly we tune into our instinctive female energy a little bit more...

Venus in Gemini recently has been a bit of fun, game-on flirty repartee in love and dextrous multi-tasking in our creative endeavours which is fun and all. But it might be nice to bring our emotional, instinctual intelligence back to the fore, and navigate some lovely, sensitive, nurturing awareness for a while, now that Venus is shining in her dreamy lunar aspect...

Venus rules love, and in Cancer we remember that we really care. And I don't mean the intense, high-stakes passion of, say, Scorpio, I mean that we aren't scared to own our emotional investment in whatever relationships are going on in our lives; and cultivate a genuine sense of emotional bonding sans games or whatever. Yes Cancerian energy can hesitate, and scuttle-crab-like- sideways for a while whilst we eye off our romantic prey and suss out the right time to strike. And that's because when we do reach out for love we are so emotionally congruent about the feelings we are sharing with our loved ones, and completely tenacious about sticking with it no matter what; that we want to make damn sure it's something worth caring about in the first place, and really don't have time for fuqing around with ambiguous shizz!

And that's handy, because Mars in Leo is passion central; our desires are magnificently confident and we're ready to pounce upon our lover/next prospect with authentic, heartfelt warmth for a real sense of connection.

And Venus in Cancer complements this beautifully, with the crucial, intuitive emotional intelligence to do it well! ...we direct our ardency toward a relationship that actually has some chance of going somewhere-and where we will genuinely nourish and support one another long term. Cancerian seduction is hot because we really feel it!

And Venus rules beauty and fashion-and Cancer is nostalgic! As a certified shopaholic, who is always trying to cull my endless wardrobe, I can attest that some garments we've been dragging around for ages actually do have sentimental worth, and gathering value as genuine, quality items/stylistic reference points to our fashion journey. But some are just naff old crap we need to ditch!

So this is where we can revisit and re-work the best aspects of our habitual aesthetic/raiding that old collection at the back of the closet (admit it) to enrich our current look; and yes also genius for savvy vintage shopping/scoring some priceless gem at the flea market etc and walk around looking timelessly stylish. But it's also a great time to address any hoarding tendencies-how about any item you still haven't worn/reclaimed by the time Venus leaves Cancer late August; off to the op shop??

And beyond this Cancerian style tips are: silver jewellery, pearls and moonstones (the better to reflect the Moon)/a soft, unobtrusive colour palette which is easily mixed and matched with your lunar moods/revisiting a beautiful, classic fragrance you haven't worn for ages but evokes lovely memories/and most importantly dressing spontaneously, according to your mood every morning and not over-thinking it too much. Intuition is everything in Cancer, and whatever fashion/decor/style instincts are driving you now are bound to work best...

And Venus rules art, and in Cancer we want a creative flow that allows us to express our feelings most powerfully and honestly. Poetry, photography, music, cooking are all wonderful channels for our creative self-expression, but anything that allows us to truly express how we feel, and especially if it also supports our audience to connect with their own emotional truth -we're on the right track.

Happy Venus in Cancer x

Image 1: Moon Goddess by Osaki Kun.

Image 2: Sheer Radiance pantihose advertisement

Image 3 & 4: unable to find original source for these images.

Image 5: via Planet Blue, hollywood boutique

Image 6: unable to find original source for this image.

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