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The Full Moon Eclipse of the 8th in your soul sector is about tuning into your most shamanic, creative, magical inspiration (which luckily, comes naturally to a spooky little mystic like yourself of course) -and specifically some cracker action in your work sector to channel all this into. Mars is a fierce work/self improvement ethic, and you’re looking for something useful to do with it and the Destiny Point to open up some serious opportunities for long-term success if you do so.

Focus, get a plan, bang away at it with some proper zeal and you’ll feel like a million bucks; it’s one of those months when working extra hard is more energising than lazing around conserving your energy, know what I mean? Not least because the potential to align with your most rocking sense of purpose is so bang on right now (and even better by the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd) and the feels good to be on track!

And if all else fails go work out; exercise endorphins are the new turn on, and sometimes it’s in the middle of some weights set/yoga practice or whatever that we get our best flash of insight about the creative process/working day ahead yes?

Also the lucky, lucrative Jupiter/Pluto square is about schmoozing the financial negotiations –yes you want to be fiscally independent and free as a bird, but sometimes it’s savvy biz relationships/backing that gets you there. And the power of networking; don’t underestimate your social scene/the who-you-know factor to open doors.

And Saturn/Lilith in your biz sector is about serious discipline on your own, unique and spunky terms, to make your professional mark this month. It’s looking good!

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter in your sex sector/love goddess Venus in your romance sector is pretty great for your love life -your intimate entanglements feel easy, flowing and effortlessly expansive. You trust your lover to bring a positive, warmly affirming attitude and yes they do. Or if out there flirting you trust some promising new attraction to turn up and viola, it probably does. So yes, if love is your thing I predict some delightful date nights/spunky connections unfolding to turn you on this month…

Image: Mira Nedyalkova

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