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Let’s start with career/personal excellence. Mars in your day-job sector is a gritty, determined work ethic and you’re looking for something to do with it! A restless, kinaesthetic energy is driving you and you could do worse than channelling this into some focused ambition and hitting the gym/yoga mat etc to burn it off/rev up your fierce physical strength and well being this month.

And Venus in your talent sector is helpfully revealing your core, creative strengths right now. If you want to go chase optimum work prospects (yes you do), might as well focus on whatever you’re really, naturally good at –the better to show off professionally with that inimitable spunk of yours (admit it, you love this) and pursue the whole ‘do what you love and never work another day in your life’ situation.

So the Full Moon of the 9th is a nice clue about how to draw on your deepest, almost shamanic personal power to create the reality you want to live on the most authentic terms possible. Integrity of intention, and following through no matter what is the everything right now.

And then Mars in your love sector from the July 21st till September, then your sex sector until late October (with Venus on board) is 3 whole months of Aqua mating season coming up! Ooh la la if you’re feeling frisky you could soon be in luck, love wise…

Maybe you’re keen to renew the passion/score some extra attention to keep things moving nicely with an existing lover? Yes, for sure. Or if single/on the prowl you’re hoping to manifest an attraction with someone worthy/ardent enough to seduce you properly and perhaps the wherewithal to take it further? Again, yes totally on the cards in coming months.

The Destiny Point in your love sector says you mean it, in terms of long-term potential –you’re not just mucking around. So if the New Moon of the 23rd reveals a promising partner in crime you can really get excited about (romantic/platonic/biz/whatever turns you on)? You grab it with full, authentic openness to possibilities, obviously.

Image: UK Vogue summer fashion editorial.

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