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Neptune is now turning retrograde-and for the most enchanted planet of all this phase can span some pretty wild, and surreal highs and lows...

Neptune is our most inspired creative, spiritual, emotional connection with nothing less than universal, divine flow...

Artists/poets/musicians amongst us are supremely moved by their creative muse... but with the retrograde it's more about revisiting our process and editing/refining/re-evaluating our work to reveal new levels of brilliantly clear, lucid self expression.

Not to mention lucid dreaming -our night time journeys are frankly surreal right now -but again so brilliantly revealing...

Spiritual seekers/yogis/shamanic types amongst us are required to stick with their practice -even despite any perceived setbacks- to reveal a deeper level of our connection to source. It's all about living with humility and compassion, sans attachment to outcomes right now.

And lovers amongst us more likely to attract/understand a deeper, more soulmate level of connection within our relationships (especially with Venus and Mars still in sync). High-end, true romance yes; but also the real emotional work that comes with the more confronting lessons and genuine emotional growth that our soul-partners bring to us... this is a beautiful thing!

But this retrograde is also prime-time, defcon 5 alert for the classic Neptunian foibles of delusion, addiction and romantic madness.

Substance abuse of any kind is a massive no-no right now -seriously! If you have form for any addictive tendencies (let's face it, so many of us do) this is a wonderful, powerful time to face and conquer these demons for a cleaner, more conscious way of doing things. Because the slippery slope of indulging any intoxication/numbing our feelings/out of it compulsions right now is SO dangerously tempting! Stay vigilant little warriors- yes we can slay our demons.

Same goes for any self-destructive romantic patterns. Yes we are more likely to recognise spooky soulmate potential with someone special -but ALSO prone to ridiculous crushes, delusional/fantasy love affairs that take us exactly nowhere, stupid miscommunication based on trying to (inaccurately) read our lover's mind when an actual conversation would have done the job - etc. Let's keep it sane!

Let's keep our vibrational frequency clean, high-end and live intentionally right now. The power of conscious, magical manifestation in our lives is calling us to higher things, if we walk our talk, for sure x

Image 1: astral-dreaming-magic-and-imagery-sofia-ajram-montreal-based-photographer-and-digital-artist

Image2: via Oracle Fox (unable to find original source for this image)

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Image 4: Howard Pyle

Image 5: House of the Infinite | by estudio campo baeza

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