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So the Moon briefly energises Mars and Pluto today and tomorrow, which could spark a flash lust/attraction moment -and if so it's only a taste/prelude of a much more tangible, volcanic opportunity for passionate connection with the Mars/Pluto chemistry of early July. So we're really just warming up for big , sexy energy in our romantic lives, building as we speak...

If you're in love (or ok, lust), or you want to be? Yep could be mating season coming up!

Not least because the lovers, Venus and Mars are in beautiful, natural synergy right now. We are finding it so much easier this week to love up our partner with easy, harmonious pair bonding -it's timely (and important) to remind each other that we really care, for beautiful results. Or if single/on the prowl, some sweet flirtation could turn up effortlessly and we know just what to say to get things moving...

Happy travels, little lovers x

Image 1: via DESIGNLOVEFEST (unable to find original source for this image)

Image 2: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

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