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The month begins with your ruling planet, Venus on Uranus in your soul-sector for a sudden, sparky, possibly radical reset of your core values. Around June 4th is one of those wildly unexpected, inspirational, visionary impulses that rise up from within you seemingly out of nowhere –but have actually been brewing for a while- and viola! A game changing new perspective is upon you about whatever is driving you in life right now…

Hint; It could have a lot to do with the grand fire trine of June that Uranus is a part of, as follows:

The Destiny Point into your home sector is fresh clarity about any family/domestic issues going on –and how to move forward with a fab new version of bonding with your tribe/co-habs/whichever relationships (and they could even be new ones?) that are a foundational part of your future personal life. And also building whatever domestic/real estate scenario is going to serve your next chapter -could be as simple as redecorating /feng shuing the lair or as dramatic as a potentially major property deal or relocation?

Saturn in your intimacy sector is a timely reality check about any sexual, emotional or even biz/financial entanglements in your life. It’s all about questions of commitment. You’re evaluating the value of certain connections; which means you’re testing how seriously these people are taking you –yes but also how much integrity you’re bringing to the table here? And the Full Moon of the 10th is all over this! Trust your instincts mid-month, there are some real, practical insights about the deeper feelings or intentions involved on both sides coming up -and what you’re going to do about it to move forward on solid ground… proceed wisely.

Meanwhile Venus into your sign from the 7th is plenty of self-confident spunk to carry you through. Your innate beauty, style, talent, charm and personal charisma is even more on point than usual; so all you have to do is be your natural, unaffected self (your core competency) and you’ll be strutting around all month feeling fine, making savvy decisions and enjoying all the attention your easy self-confidence is attracting like a pro. Brilliant.

Image: Ella Uzan

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