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June is here for a wild ride, and the horoscopes are up to guide us through.

There's a grand fire trine to illuminate things: The Destiny Point in Leo is permission to seize a more magnificent future with blazing confidence. Uranus in Aries, and hooking up with Venus early month is a creative spark to manifest cool possibilities in love, art, beauty -whatever turns us on. And Saturn in Sagittarius is the challenging discipline to persist with certain visionary plans. for the freedom it's gonna score us in the long term... We're so onto it right now!

And Jupiter direct from the 9th is even more renewal of lucky, plucky chutzpah, just in time for an optimistic, Jupiter-ruled Sag Full Moon on the 10th, to keep us powering forward mid month -despite any obstacles. Something big is brewing and we're prepared to work for it -brilliant.

And a sweet Venus/Mars synergy to keep our love lives flowing -with Mercury reminding that our key romantic asset right now is clear, consistent, harmonious communication! Obvious but true...

Then the New Moon of the 24th is all about a more subtle, emotional intelligence and well earned, savvy instincts to take us into July...

More detail for your sign here; happy June x

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