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So we've had a Mars/Saturn opposition playing out this week, which has frankly become quite tedious at this point.

Mars in Gemini has us massively restless, light on our feet, juggling options, acutely aware of the multiplicity of options available to us and buzzing to get some kind of move forward-asap- with at least one of them!

But Saturn in Sag has standards, and is (apparently) blocking our path until we've slowed down and worked some serious, hard-won quality control on out strategy; before we even think about the next step.

Yes, patience and a persevering work ethic is a real virtue right now, but not one that tends to sit well with cheeky, impatient Sag/Gemini energy. Just when we're ready to tread the light fantastic with brash audacity -we have to sit down and formulate a boringly realistic plan? Fuqing what???

It's a character building phase right now -and deep down we just know it's going to make us stronger and ready for bigger, more solid success long term -but jeez it's challenging in the meantime...

I mean Mars just wants to get ahead, show off, get laid, demonstrate some clout in the world just because it feels good! But Saturn says without personal integrity, ongoing discipline and a meaningful goal to work towards it aint much use. And also some developments just aint moving yet/some doors aint opening quite yet purely because Saturn favours slow, steady movement -like it or not. So we might as well take a deep breath, buckle up and deal with it, for now..

And this is also primo astro for certain power trips, mexican stand-offs, stalled dialogues and general unsatisfactory shizz in our various relationships/negotiations to become real obvious and in our face! It's tempting to go into full on battle mode here- but not so useful to be honest. Better to hold out for the next, constructive conversation or graciously ignore certain, stoopid interactions and do our own thing instead?

Because the main point of this post is that this astro tension is easing off over the next week -and then we have a sparky Venus/Uranus conjunction to shake things up, and brand new creative/biz/romantic possibilities upon us before we know it!

Oh yes it's not long now till things pick up again, so let's stick with it -preferably without losing our shizz or unnecessary compromise in the meantime? Well done x

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