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The North Node of the Moon, which I call the Destiny Point, charges into blazing Leo from May 10th -November 2018:

The Destiny Point points to nothing less than our karmic imperative to follow/fully embrace the life purpose we came here to fulfil; those hopes & dreams/searing ambition/innate lust to better ourselves/evolve/fully individuate that have been sparking within us from birth.

You know that pure driving force that we sometimes lose touch with along the way as life’s trials and tribulations test us- but continues to call us back to the siren song of our true nature/ideal future from somewhere deep within, even in our darkest hour?

Yes and we can always re-connect with this, and particularly when the Destiny Point is on the move every 18 months -in this case moving into Leo right now; our ideas of what's possible in our lives are ready to expand, suddenly and exponentially!

In Leo our sense of personal potential is a magnificently brazen self belief; with all the bells & whistles of shameless self promotion, sparkly glamour and brilliant creative self-expression. Not to mention a more rewarding level of healthy self-acceptance and spiritual individuation no matter what our external life path looks like.

And a more authentic, passionate warmth, affection and generosity of spirit with our loved ones that Leo energy is so famous for and we can all tap into right now; for a good time and more thriving, healthy, exciting, spunkily challenging and loving relationships that really reflect our deepest integrity and true desires...

Happy Leo North Node for the next 18 months -let's growl our prowl whilst we can x

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