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The Destiny Point out of your sign this month and you get to reflect on how much you’ve learnt, over the last 9 months, about your innate sense of purpose, true calling and the visionary future you’re now firmly working on in your life. And knowing you you’ve nailed it, to the best of your considerable ability…

I bet you’re so effortlessly comfortable in your skin and on track right now–and yes you’ve earned this for sure!

So Mars in your biz sector all month, energising your most driving ambitions with a fierce work ethic feels so right. You know what you want to achieve in the world and you know how to make it happen –so what’s not to love about your seriously promising prospects right now?

Especially with Mars activating lucky Jupiter in your income sector mid-month, just after the inspiring Full Moon in your ideas sector of the 11th. You have a coherent scheme to get ahead/live your truth (as usual) and now you have a keener than ever instinct about how to monetise this. Yes, and by the New Moon of the 26th any opportunities you’re hustling re lucrative/promising career moves are most likely to manifest.

Ok but Jupiter retro in your cash sector also has you uncharacteristically delusional about how far you can stretch the Virgo budget right now, so you might want to watch any loony spending impulses before they derail the plan? Financial confidence yes, but keep it savvy no matter how tempting that shiny trinket/’investment purchase’ looks…

And your love life features love goddess Venus rocking your sex/intimacy sector all month –this is so good! A partner in crime to explore sensual compatibility/emotional authenticity/shack up with –or even productively nut out some tricky emo issues with? Yes if you remain in proper integrity here, May is on your side to get it romantically right for sure.

Image; ginta-lapina by Greg Kanel

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