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Mars, our motivational ambition planet into Gemini (April 21st-June 5th) and viola, there goes our concentration span!

Mars is how we get things done, and we're just coming out of steady Taurus progress, but now we have Gemini energy -which doesn't plod perseveringly so much as seriously multi-task...

Gemini is not exactly renowned for patience:

Gemini Mars flits cheerfully from one exciting thing to another with a sparky restlessness that lends us (1) a genius alacrity with which to juggle a million things with a kaleidoscopic breadth of interest and expertise -we're all over everything all at once and loving the million doors that potentially could be opening to us at any given point. The future is ours to manifest at will and we embrace this creative potential with brilliant dexterity.

But also (2) a hyperactive tendency to take on too much at once, at the risk of not following through on anything properly/changing horses midstream because, well, we're bored/seeking out naff distractions for kicks and then having to bullshit our way ahead because we didn't do the work/pay attention in the first place. Know what I mean?

I mean hustling and faking it till we make it can be fun (and possibly super-useful during this transit if we stay sharp about it), but by the time Mars opposes Saturn in late May we want to know exactly what we're doing for sure; so there's a nice little deadline to get our shizz together right there...

And Mars rules sex. To be honest Mars is not at his most physically ardent, in the raw physical sense here. Gemini is turned on by a complex flirty frisson, intellectual spunk, intelligent conversation & inspiring meeting of minds as fabulous foreplay...

And yes-let's face it- headfuq mind games to manufacture attraction if we're not really emotionally engaged -which we might want to watch out for?

We'll get into more emotionally safe territory when Mars hits Cancer in June; but for now it's a teasing mental/psycho sexual fascination that gets us going (whether it's an ongoing partnership or someone new). Let's keep it interesting, relevant, playful and make the effort to communicate enchantingly; the better to intrigue one another with fun romantic/sexy possibilities right now?

And Mars rules our fitness/workout regime. Maybe multi task with a treadmill desk?

Or anything where you can distract yourself with people watching/fuqing around on social media/dance/chat, stay light on our feet and keep it Gemini-level cool while we work out...

Happy Mars in Gemini & go forth and have fun with it x

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