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Saturn (which at it's worst can represent the brutal authoritarianism of 'the system') retrograde in Sagittarius-the sign of philosophical idealism-has been tough recently.

I mean the Saturnian, NWO war machine is in full swing & it's gonna take our best, collective voice of liberty, freedom, personal sovereignty, global fraternity, peaceful Non-compliance with the psychopathic warmongers to tell it to fuq right off!

So seeing Patti Smith live this weekend was so inspiring! She is still THE original rebel heart -a Saturn ruled Capricorn who uses that Saturnian ferocity with such raw power, grace AND joyful lust for life. Wow!

An ageless, androgynous, shamanic goddess with punk rock swagger, endless warmth & more intelligent political commentary than I've read in mainstream media all month (ok that's not hard).

Bravo Senorita Smith x

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