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Venus is in your income sector all month – so if your thoughts are turning to cash- and how to score more of it, you could be onto something…

The first half of April is Venus retrograde, where you are re-evaluating any immediate financial schemes, based on the values/aspirations that matter to you right now and how you plan to monetise them, the better to live the life you want to live. You are playing with possibilities and finessing your strategy for the moment, then the 16th onwards is time to action/explore these plans more decisively.

The Full Moon of the 11th is helpfully in your vision sector and with lucky, optimistic Jupiter, where your fab instincts re big picture life plans are suddenly so on point! And with your ruling planet, Uranus in your ideas sector you are freer than ever to think way outside the box with your best, maverick genius for a good time. Also you get to communicate (with whoever matters) more freely and spontaneously as well, which should see a nice, liberating new flow in certain relationships…

And speaking of relationships, the New Moon of the 26th in your home sector is all over the magical Destiny Point in your sex sector! This is primo time for staging any hot dates at home, for optimum cosy intimacy. Or if you’re already shacked up you make the extra effort to romance one another, for a lovely sense of reconnection. Or if you’re already in love but not living together, could be a clue about your potential domestic compatibility and where this could lead?

Either way there is real, promising momentum to the Aqua love life, and grounding this into something that could be a home for your heart, by the end of the month?

Meanwhile Lilith in your social sector has you connecting with a tribe that really gets-and supports your unique, bolshie attitude. Or if not, you are so happy to do your own thing on your own terms and fuq what anyone thinks –and that’s exactly the kind of charisma that attracts like-minded free spirits anyway. Rock on little rebel!

Image: Miles Aldridge

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