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If you're feeling a brand new, zesty spring in your step right now, and busting to do something about it? That would be the gorgeous Aries New Moon, exact 12.57pm today, March 28th, AEDT.

New Moons are always a fresh, clean new attitude and rush of emotion, and in Aries it's a can-do, impatient, courageous desire to get on with it that drives us forward.

We say fuq it to any limiting, defeatist ideas we've been tempted to indulge lately and say a big YES to whatever turns us on, productively challenges us and makes us stronger. Yes, it's that simple and that scary - I dare you to give it a go!

I mean ok, this Moon also involves Venus -travelling frustratingly retrograde; where we're right in the middle of discovering a patient, restrained, unforced re-evaluation of our most urgent desires and imperatives in love, art. biz, beauty and self promotion -so there is that.

We want what we want bad, but we need to finesse this.

We are being asked to take a step back, take a hard look at what we're chasing to make sure it really serves us (bit of disciplined character building right there), and gather our forces to go harder when Venus gets moving from mid April-late May -that's when we get much more satisfying instant gratification.

So meanwhile, this New Moon is a sneak peak at our best lust-for-life bravado and grabbing the tail of whatever really matters ... the better to go for it more effectively from April 16th. We keep this tension between healthy desire and delayed gratification positive, yes?

Don't worry, satisfaction is coming soon enough... Stay on it and keep your magnificent, disciplined ferocity burning bright for the moment -you've got this! Happy New Moon x

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Image 3: “Armure” by Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano

Image 4: marvin the martian, Warner Bros.

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