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New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces, 1.58am tomorrow morning AEDT.

So Pisces lunations tend to invoke an oceanic flow of emotion and a shamanic, magical realist attitude at the best of times, especially an Eclipse and especially with mystical Neptune involved.

There could be some potent/overwhelming feelings about everything and some wildly inspired new intuition about our lives coming up this week; and it's what we do with this that's important:

Firstly, what we don't do is drugs/alcohol/intoxication, fibbing our way around things, delusional 'affairs' of the heart, crushing obsessively on someone unavailable, cheating /misleading our loved ones -all the obvious precautions. Seriously, this stuff just doesn't work right now, or should I say it works too well -with dodgy/emotionally toxic results at best!

What we do do is shamanic self mastery, meditation, yoga, compassion, animal rights/human rights activism, letting someone special know how much we love them (unconditionally), lovely self care, washing it all off in the ocean/a waterfall/the spa, making art, listening to divine music, stream of consciousness writing/dream journalling and generally scheming a more beautiful, inspired, meaningful life for ourselves -and we best keep it grounded in realistic purpose!

Let's keep our thoughts and actions as pure, clean and high-end as possible right now...

Happy New Moon x

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