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Full Moon in Leo , coming up 11.30am Feb 11th AEDT.

Our most authentic feelings tend to rise up during a Full Moon, and in Leo they're all about self-awareness, healthy pride, creative expression, show-off moxy, generosity, personal warmth, hot love affairs and passionate living.

Not only that but it also involves a grand fire trine, to really blow us out of the water of any moody/sooky shizz that Full Moons can sometimes trigger in us:

Image: John Keddie

We have Uranus in Aries kicking our most autonomous, independent spirit into gear. We're gonna do things on our own terms and not interested in asking anybody's permission to be who we are. Which leaves plenty of time to have fun and explore our own, optimum personal potential this week for a good time. And if we want to see some fab, innovative change in our lives we don't wait around for someone else to do it; it's down to us to make our lives what we want them to be!

But don't forget this right also involves the obligation to give everyone else the same respect to be who they are; if we're tempted by any lower-Aries urge to boss someone around/give unsolicited 'advice' on how they should live/pick a fight? Not so much.

And Saturn in Sagittarius is a lust for freedom. We are more aware of the limiting factors around us that have had us a feeling suffocated/thwarted lately; but what are we going to do about it? Sometimes we have to understand the rules/conduct ourselves with solid integrity in order to break the rules. The more we walk our talk with respect in the world, the more we can be transparent when we say fuq it, I'm gonna do my own thing/take time for my own adventure and our right to do so is self-evident, know what I mean? Or as someone said: to live outside the law you must be honest.

With Saggy muse Jupiter in Libra also involved here, this point is most relevant in the area of human relating. We don't really want heavy Us Talks/stifling commitments/obligatory shizz/emo manipulation/guilt trips in our connections -they're annoying!

Fine, but then we necessarily take responsibility for clear communication, transparency, harmonious vibes and good manners in order to get our relationships to the point of functionality that they don't need crappy, manipulative power trips in order to exist; because we're only interacting in the first place for the right reasons. Think about that for a good time?

Of course this applies to all interactions, but wildling Lilith also into Sag on Valentines Day is an emphasis on our love lives here:

Images above: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

I mean for a start we take responsibility for intelligent romantic choices -like not hooking up/hanging out with peeps for batshit crazy reasons, not charging off and neglecting genuine loved ones based on childish tantrums, not projecting our insecurities/thwarted desires/commitment phobia onto someone else and saying it's their fault -obviously. This could be so brilliant for more honest, authentic and therefore genuinely passionate love affairs in our life! Not to mention really enjoying our solo space more fully, sans mooning over any perceived lack of attention or whatever.

I mean this Moon is in LEO, the ultimate sign of healthy self-acceptance, personal magnificence and being the best that we can be; the better to love large with brazen, positive emotional trust. Let's stay positive and have fun with this -bring it!

Image: Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Happy Leo Moon x

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