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Love goddess Venus meets magical Neptune this week-active for several more days but exact tomorrow -and right on the back of a big, watery Full Moon...

So this can go either way. Venus/Neptune is classic astro for high-end exalted romance/spiritual communion/ soul-mating/kismet/profoundly destinal meetings/crazy romantic synchronicity and basically True Love.

But also simply notorious for delusional crushing/stoopid drunk dialling/Qi-draining 'wounded love' and general love-zombie madness (a term coined by the fab MysticMedusa).

So for example we could pop out for a quick cocktail here & accidentally, unexpectedly meet our soulmate-yes, but we could also get plastered & end up doing some ludicrous hook-up. Or we could finally hear from that long lost love & blissfully re-unite because it was so always meant to be (seriously), or we could call that nightmare ex on some foolish whim and then instantly regret it. We could have an unguarded moment of deeper understanding with our lover/partner and score a whole new level of unconditional, mutual devotion or we head-fuq each other with inexplicable emotional games/confusing communication that could take ages to unravel & resolve. With slippery Neptune it's always such a fine line, and a damn hard one to call!

If we're in a beautiful thing romantically it could really blossom, if we're in some fuqed-up illusion we really know about it, if we're single/searching we allow lady destiny to have her mysterious way with us one way or the other. We stay open hearted but also keep it real for a good time.

And it's often so not how we think it's gonna be; which is why Neptune asks us to drop expectations and allow magical connection to reveal itself in it's own sweet way...

And the thing is that love aside, this astro is truly glorious for tuning into our creative/arty/design/musical/spiritual flow and find some outrageously inspired self expression in whatever manner turns us on. Yes, magical realism is the new normal and it's a beautiful thing to live with the abandon of following our bliss no matter what!

Attuning to our own soul-path so often =soul mate connection (and vice versa); and in any case let's go bang our own, soul path drum just for the sheer joy of it.

Happy Venus/Neptune enchantment x

Image 1: Howard Pyle, The Mermaid

Image 2: via tumblr_mddpi7Suga1qzcapfo1_500 (unable to find original source for this wonderful image).

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