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It's nearly 2017 (thank goodness!) and a New Moon in Capricorn -exact 4.53pm today AEDT-to help usher in the ides of a fresh New Year...

New Moons are crisp, clean new energy and Capricorn is nothing if not a raw, crisply efficient attitude to get on with it already!

This Moon also involves Pluto, god of death/rebirth and transformation. So we've had the seeds of some pretty major transformation in 2016, and plenty of death in our collective zeitgeist; so here's to the rebirth part coming up as we align ourselves with the next stage.

And Capricorn also loves success and making a bit of coin whilst we're at it, and so does Mr lucrative Pluto so for many of us we're getting our heads around some proper, savvy money-making schemes as we plan our New Year strategies.

This Moon also involves magical Neptune fired up by Mars. Fluffy, inspirational poetry or whatever aint quite cutting it right now -we want full blown magical realism and a more tangibly meaningful life and we Want it Now dammit! We can feel in our loins that this is the year we are prepared to fight for our right to live with visionary integrity, compassion, beauty and according to our own spiritual/creative values. I really believe that we are awakening and waking up to creating a more beautiful world, and this Moon in no-nonsense Capricorn is a nice little taste of this determination to get it right, collectively and personally.

So let's light a candle and say a little prayer for what we most fiercely wish and desire tonight; and then wake up tomorrow morning and walk our talk on it why don't we?

Happy New Moon x

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