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Mr Change, Uranus is opposing Mr adventure, Jupiter -pretty much exact until April (!), and there's a restless, seeking energy in the air for sure!

This aint no sit back and take in the serenity vibe, no: it's strap in for the wild ride you know you've been itching for -and maybe you can take in some cool scenery along the way as you watch your life change before your eyes -2017 looks like it's gonna be nothing if not exciting!

Thrillingly unexpected, but apt, crazy opportunities are liable to strike at any moment; and yes we grab them obviously.

and there's also a certain yearning, achingly poignant craving kind of mood -wanting to be anywhere but here- that could also strike at any point in time. Bob Dylan says it best:

"Down the street the dogs are barkin' And the day is a-gettin' dark As the night comes in a-fallin' The dogs'll lose their bark An' the silent night will shatter From the sounds inside my mind Yes, I'm one too many mornings And a thousand miles behind

From the crossroads of my doorstep My eyes they start to fade And I turn my head back to the room Where my love and I have laid An' I gaze back to the street The sidewalk and the sign And I'm one too many mornings An' a thousand miles behind

It's a restless hungry feeling That don't mean no one no good When ev'rything I'm a-sayin' You can say it just as good You're right from your side I'm right from mine We're both just one too many mornings An' a thousand miles behind"

Image: Bob Dylan, bringing it all back home.

We allow ourselves to feel this... let's look deep into the eyes of our most enigmatic, visionary, hungry selves and maybe catch a glimpse of our future theirein?

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