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Ok so the tricky thing for you right now is the wounded healer Chiron in your biz sector, poking at any self-doubt you ever had about your career prospects and you in existential angst about whether or not you’ll ever ‘make it’… Is this insecurity valid? Of course not, but its an interesting process to productively question if you’re on precisely the right vocational path, and make any adjustments necessary to get yourself even more on track…

So thank goodness for Bitch Lilith on board in the day-job sector, saying it’s all about cleaving to your own, unique way of doing things at work, with unapologetic personal spunk on your own terms. This will get you back in your power and more likely to enjoy whatever you do now, for a start. And inevitably make the right kind of fearless choices about the next vocational step, one way or the other… and with lucrative Pluto in your money sector saying the more you do what you really want to do (as opposed to obeying boring expectations), the more you get on with pulling some serious coin in!

Because I’ve got to say that uber-confident Jupiter in your talent sector says you really can’t avoid coming to terms with what you’re truly good at –whether it fits into the official career plan or not- and find a way to express this in the world. It feels so good to own your own, brilliant core competency, as opposed to fluffing around trying to do anything less than that …don’t duck the opportunity to figure this one out, huh?

And then there’s the Full Moon of the 14th directing a spotlight on the Gemini love life. You want what you want; and I know you’re a complex, multifaceted being in matters of the heart with fluxy feelings and all, but you might want to use mid month to figure out exactly what it is you desire right now. Because someone romantically relevant wants to know! Whether you’re partnered or on the prowl, whoever you’re into this month is all about questions of commitment, relational longevity and emotional integrity …do you have some sane answers up your sleeve or what??

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