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Hello to an electrical Aquarius Full Moon tonight, exact 7.26pm AEST, with Uranus, the maverick ruler of Aquarius also on board.

We are releasing any emotional build up from the last few weeks-which has been, let's face it, a torrent of the unexpected, unpredictable, trust-the-fuqing process side of life...

Its a wild ride!

So I'll keep it brief... this Moon is reminding us that change IS inevitable, like it or not. We can roll with whatever (seemingly random) new developments life is throwing at us with grace, humour, curiosity and the thrill of the unknown; and plug into our best innovative genius re tackling some amazing, fab new chapter with positive gusto. Or we can emo-out in the corner, cursing inexplicable fate and resisting the momentum of whatever is calling our name cos it might be outside our comfort zone... its a no-brainer, obviously.

This Moon invites us to have fun with life, the better to embrace it on it's own terms for maximum life-force, living in the moment moxy. Control freaking the things we know we can't control (yet)... not so much.

Any fresh new possibilities popping up on your radar right now could be trying to reveal something wonderful...

Let's stay awake, truly alive and ready for the call of the future this week-it's got our number for sure!

Happy Full Moon x

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