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The New Moon of the 3rd is your annual Love Moon! Meaning that a New Moon means emotional renewal and fresh perspective, and in your partnership sector it’s a chance to re-vamp your romantic life for sure.

Perhaps you hit a lovely new note with your existing, significant other; with an even deeper sense of mutual understanding, shared future plans and connectedness. Or if single, this could be just the astro to seed a connection with some gorgeous, promising new love interest?

Because love goddess Venus in your love sector, and then into your sex/intimacy sector from the 6th is beautiful mojo to love, be loved, flirt, hook-up, seduce, be seduced, speak truly from the heart in all your closest connections…. And the magic lasts all month! Especially around the 15th and 28th -and especially if you’re seeking new direction with someone in your life or a new lover- your romantic future is calling your name…

And Mars into your social sector is a break from the hard-core career ambition/vocational struggle of Mars monopolising your biz sector for the last several months, and now you get to chill out and have some fun with your tribe for a change. The next two months is lovely for hanging with your besties, social butterflying around town, energising community involvement and the important joy of just having fun!

But if I had to give you any career advice it would be this: Lilith in your biz sector says you aint taking no crap from anyone/compromising your vocational vision so that’s good. But Neptune in your cash sector could be a teensy bit clueless about the income/how to spend it, so you might want to watch that, huh?

Image: Helmut Newton

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